Technology Support Specialist

McDuffie County Board of Education
Job Description
LOCATION:  District Wide
  • Minimum of a high school diploma. 
  • Associate degree in Computer Science or related topic area preferred. 
  • Possess basic knowledge of LAN/WAN infrastructure. 
  • IT industry certifications strongly recommended and desired (A+, Network+, etc.). 
  • Five years of experience working extensively with personal computers and closely related software packages used in the system.
The Board of Education reserves the right to accept equivalent qualifications, as the Board may deem appropriate and acceptable.
JOB GOAL:  Provide technology support for the District.
REPORTS TO:  Senior System Technology Specialist (Evaluator)
POSITION:  Classified
  • Possess strong communication skills for interaction with professional, technical, and support personnel including support for hardware and software problems and questions. 
  • Strong knowledge of PC hardware and components of computer hardware.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows 7, and some knowledge of Chromebooks and iPads.
  • Possess a basic understanding of networking including a LAN, WAN, and the hardware components that exist in both.
  • Basic knowledge of popular software packages like Microsoft Office Suite and have a strong desire to learn.
  • Team attitude with the desire to provide excellent customer service.
  • Ability and desire to learn new technologies quickly.
  • Provides a “help desk” resource for all school personnel with technology problems or questions relating to PC hardware, basic PC software, and Curriculum software.
  • Coordinate directly with the School Media Specialist and/or other designated personnel by the School Principal for scheduling of work orders, updating software and providing general repair and maintenance of instructional and administrative workstations (PCs).
  • Provides equipment maintenance and repairs for all hardware/software in the school, to include minor printing problems, mouse/keyboard problems and software configuration problems, and others.
  • Responsible for entering all school work order completions into the county work order system with complete solutions of problem so as to build on knowledge base help desk application system.
  • Assist with updating and installation of software as deemed necessary by the Senior System Technology Specialist. Updates and installs software as necessary in the local school.
  • Assist schools and or departments with any movement of computers within the local schools/departments.
  • Provide any requested on-the-job training of all School Media Specialists or School Tech Contacts to ensure that they have the knowledge to perform basic technology maintenance.  This being done so as to ensure successful delivery of courteous and professional “help desk” type resources at the local level in response to technology related concerns and/or questions.
  • Specifically supports the following software as configured on district workstations: School financials, Media Circulation, SIS, Desktop control, Anti-virus, Microsoft Office suite, all curriculum software in the schools and any other software adopted as a standard by the district.
  • Serves as an active support member on the school technology or technology/media committee as requested by each local school.
  • Assists the school administrator in determining school staff development needs related to technology and curriculum software.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
EVALUATION:  The Senior System Technology Specialist will evaluate the performance of this position annually.
Please submit an application and resume to:  Dr. Neal Tam, Director of Administrative Services, McDuffie County Board of Education, 716 North Lee Street, Thomson, GA 30824,, (706) 986-4000
The McDuffie County School System does not discriminate with regard to sex, race, religion, color, natural origin, ancestry/ethnicity, marital or parental status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation/identity or any other unlawful consideration.
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